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X-ray Digital Imaging -X光數碼影像


X-ray imaging is one of the best diagnostic tools in a wide array of circumstances. Our animal hospital is proud to offer this sophisticated veterinary service to our patients.

Should our veterinarian suspect a fracture or a boney/joint lesion, or need to investigate abnormalities in the stomach or intestines, and other abdominal organs including the liver, kidneys, spleen or even diseases in the chest including heart or lung disease, pet radiography (X-ray) is a valuable tool to help diagnose the disease effectively.

Our veterinary team would love to share the details of the radiographs with you and explain in simpler terms what signs are noticeable and what they mean.




  1.   骨折或關節病變;
  2.   胃部或腸臟異常;
  3.   其他腹部器官包括肝臟、腎臟及脾臟異常;
  4.   胸部疾病或異常情況(包括心臟或肺部疾病);

我們的獸醫團隊會於檢查後向您以簡單的方式解釋 X 光片的詳細訊息,如哪些為明顯需要注意的跡像以及它們的含義。