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Our Veterinarian


Dr. Eve Cheung

Dr. Eve Cheung


From an early age, Dr. Eve Cheung’s life passion was be to be a veterinarian.  She focused her schooling for this specific goal. Dr. Eve graduated from the University of Illinois with honors and worked in a Chicago suburb for 11 years where she treated birds, reptiles and small mammals in addition to dogs and cats.  She frequently volunteered with 4 Paws Luv Rescue and helped with examinations, medical care and surgeries at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.  She also volunteered at Chicago Animal Care and Control.  These experiences helped Dr. Eve see a variety of cases but also allowed her to treat patients that would have otherwise had no access to veterinary care.

Dr. Eve and her family moved to Markham in 2019.  She was a medical director of an animal hospital for 3 years prior to Unionville South Pet Hospital.

“Being a vet here at Unionville South Pet Hospital has been my life’s ambition: to be able to provide quality, progressive and knowledgeable veterinary medicine for my community.  My professional interests are in dentistry, ophthalmology and internal medicine.  My hobbies include cooking, being a foodie =), and traveling.  When not working, I enjoy time with my 2 children and my husband.  You will frequently see my family with me at the hospital.  I enjoy being a part of you pet’s care from puppyhood/kittenhood to senior care.  My dedication and commitment is to give you the best options to keep your pet healthy.”