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Veterinary Surgery - 手術


At Unionville South Pet Hospital patient safety is a top priority. In our separate surgery room, we follow the strictest protocols to prevent contamination from pathogens and minimize the risk of infection. We have a dedicated team that follows your pet through its entire visit when admitted in for surgery. We stay up-to-date on the latest recommendation for pain control. this means premedication, local anesthesia, maintaining anesthesia and post operative pain care.


Will my pet have stitches? - 我的寵物會縫線嗎?

For many surgeries, we are able to use absorbable sutures below the skin which dissolve on their own, but for others, such as tumor removals, skin stitches may be required. Skin sutures will usually be removed 10 to 14 days after surgery. With both types, the incision will need to be monitored closely for swelling or discharge. Depending on the type of procedure, your pet's activity level should be limited for a week or two. It's extremely important to prevent your pet from licking excessively or chewing at the incision and avoid bathing them for the first 10 days after surgery.


對於許多手術,我們能夠在皮膚下方使用可吸收的縫合線,但要自行溶解,但是對於其他人來說,例如去除腫瘤,需要皮膚針跡。 手術後10至14天,通常將皮膚縫合線去除。 對於兩種類型,將需要密切監控切口以腫脹或排出。 根據程序類型,您的寵物的活動水平應限制一兩個星期。 防止寵物過度舔或咀嚼切口非常重要,並避免在手術後的前10天洗澡。

Will my pet be in pain? - 我的寵物會痛苦嗎?

Animals experience pain just like humans do, although they may not show the same symptoms. Whether or not your pet will need pain medication depends on the surgery performed as major procedures will likely require more pain relief.

For dogs, we may recommend an oral anti-inflammatory for several days after surgery to reduce discomfort and swelling. Newer medications are formulated to be less likely to cause stomach upset and can be given even the morning of surgery.

動物像人類一樣經歷疼痛,儘管它們可能沒有表現出相同的症狀。 您的寵物是否需要止痛藥取決於進行的手術,因為主要程序可能需要更多的疼痛緩解。

對於狗,我們可能建議在手術後幾天口服抗炎藥,以減少不適和腫脹。 較新的藥物的配方不太可能引起胃部不適,即使是手術的早晨也可以給予。 麻醉片也是某些犬類手術的一種選擇,費用將取決於狗的大小。

Pain relief for cats is tricky as there are limited options due to feline metabolism of anti-inflammatory medications. Your cat will need pre-operative bloodwork to assess kidney and liver enzymes so that we can best decide what pain control protocol is best for him or her.

Injectable pain medications may also be used after surgery on both dogs and cats and any animal that appears painful will receive additional pain medication.


貓的疼痛緩解非常棘手,因為它們不能使用標準的止痛藥,例如阿司匹林,布洛芬或泰諾。 手術前10分鐘,將向您的貓注射以減輕疼痛。 手術後,我們將評估您的貓的病情,並根據需要提供止痛藥。


Can you perform more than one procedure at a time? - 您可以一次執行多個程序嗎?

While your pet is under anesthesia we can perform other minor procedures, such as dentistry, ear cleaning, or implanting an identification microchip. Please inquire prior to the day of surgery if you would like an estimate for any extra services, especially if the person dropping the pet off is not the primary decision maker for the pet's care.


Should I arrive early on the day of the surgery? - 我應該在手術當天早些時候到達嗎?

On the day of the surgery, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete paperwork and make decisions about blood testing and other options. Plan to spend about 10 minutes going over your pet's home care needs when you pick your pet up.

We will call you the night before your surgery appointment to confirm the drop-off time and answer any questions you have.  In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about your pet's health or upcoming surgery.

在手術當天,請提前5-10分鐘到達,以完成文書工作,並就血液檢查和其他選擇做出決定。 計劃在接您的寵物時花費大約10分鐘的時間來滿足寵物的家庭護理需求。

我們將在您的手術約會前一天晚上給您打電話,以確認下降時間並回答您遇到的任何問題。 同時,請隨時與我們聯繫,以了解有關您的寵物健康或即將進行的手術的任何疑問。


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