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Parasite Control for Your Pets - 寵物杜蟲


While fleas, ticks, and other parasites are most bothersome during certain seasons, at (practice name) we believe all pets should receive regular heartworm/flea/tick prevention all year long.  

These stealthy hitchhikers can slip into your home through a tiny tear in a window screen, on your pets, or even on you! Mosquitos only need a split second to dive in through an open door. Even if your pet does not go outdoors, you can bring flea eggs in on your shoes and clothes. Each flea can produce 50 to 100 eggs daily! Monthly prevention for the pet, as well as environmental control such as spraying is needed to successfully control fleas and ticks.

 「預防勝於治療」雖然跳蚤、蜱蟲和其他寄生蟲在某些季節確實令人煩惱,但相對於Unionville South Pet Hospital,我們想信所有毛孩都應該每年定期預防心絲蟲/跳蚤/蜱蟲。

這些鬼鬼祟祟蚊蟲可以通過紗窗、寵物甚至您家中外邊的小裂縫溜進屋內! 蚊蟲只需要一瞬間就會從敞開門潛入。 即使您的寵物從不外出,您亦可以將跳蚤卵帶入您的鞋子和衣服中。 每隻跳蚤每天可生產達 50 至 100 個卵! 建議每月對寵物進行預防性藥物以及用藥噴灑家居環境才能有效地控制跳蚤和蜱蟲帶來的禍害。

Fleas are the most common external parasite of companion animals. In addition to itching and other skin problems, fleas can transmit diseases to animals and people. The majority of the flea population (i.e. eggs, larvae, and pupae) are found off the pet and around the home.

A wide variety of parasite prevention products for the pet are available, such as monthly topical liquids and oral medicines, veterinary-approved collars, shampoos, sprays, and powders. We also recommend regular bathing and grooming as part of a continuous preventive protocol to maintain complete protection year-round.

跳蚤是伴侶動物最常見的體外寄生蟲。 除了瘙癢和其他皮膚問題外,跳蚤還會將疾病傳染給動物和人。 大多數跳蚤種群(即卵、幼蟲和蛹)是在寵物身上和家裡周圍發現的。

有各種各樣的寵物寄生蟲預防產品可供選擇,例如每月一次的外用液體和口服藥物、獸醫批准的項圈、洗髮水、噴霧劑和粉末。 我們還建議將定期洗澡和梳理作為持續預防方案的一部分,以全年保持全面保護。

Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the proper plan of treatment for your pet and your home, as well as show you how to safely use each product. Keep in mind that canine-only products are not designed for felines and could cause serious health issues and even death. Age and weight are also factors to consider in determining which products are best for your pet.

   我們知識淵博的員工可以幫助您確定適合您的寵物和家庭的治療計劃,並向您展示如何安全使用每種產品。 請記住,僅限犬類的產品不是為貓科動物設計的,可能會導致嚴重的健康問題甚至死亡。 在確定哪種產品最適合您的寵物時,年齡和體重也是需要考慮的因素。

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