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Preventative Medicine


Unionville South Pet Hospital - Markham, Ontario

Preventative medicine is a specialty of our veterinary clinic. This form of medicine includes regular physical examinations provided by our veterinarian combined with vaccinations according to each individual pet’s lifestyle and needs. We believe in minimum required vaccines and advocate the prevention of unnecessary vaccination. Vaccine titer measurements are also an effective way to ensure your pets are protected. Kitten and puppy vaccinations and annual wellness packages are useful means of overall care for these furry members of our family.

We strongly encourage our clients to make a small investment into annual wellness tests because the best way to understand a pet’s status of well being is to compare their test results with their own test results from the previous year. This way, we can catch the abnormal trends at an early stage. As a result, early intervention may be planned and performed, providing better prognoses and minimizing cost. This small investment will minimize or even prevent costly treatments in the future.