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More on anal sacs

The anal glands (sacs) are two small tissue envelopes located on the sides of the anus at the four and eight o’clock positions.

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Kitten training – can it be done?

If you had to think of one baby animal that got up to the most mischief, then kittens would probably be near the top of your list!

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Caring for your cat in hot weather

One of the biggest dangers for cats during hot weather is that they can over heat.

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Back to basics in dental and oral hygiene

I always speak to my clients about how important it is to “transition” their pets when they are switching their food.

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Leptospirosis (Lepto) Infection in Dogs

Leptospirosis (Lepto) is an infection of mainly the kidneys and sometimes the liver and the kidneys. It is caused by a spiral (corkscrew) shape bacteria.

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Cold out there!!!

Hi everyone! Today (December 12th, 2013), we had temperatures down to a chilly -21 degree Centigrade in the Greater Toronto Area!!

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