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raw versus cooked diet

Whether or not raw food is a good choice and should be fed to pets has recently been a very hot topic attracting different opinions.

There is so much to think about and so many details involved in this topic. I personally understand both pros and cons of both types of diets. My intention here is not to provide a detailed list of these pros and cons but only to say that I am not against raw diets as long as the source is known to be reliable and proven to have worked safely for pets.

By no means have I considered buying raw meat, chicken, fish etc from the grocery store and feeding it to pets as an acceptable way of feeding raw diet to our pets. This approach is unsafe, and nutritionally inadequate. Balancing of a diet is the real work and requires science and technology. There are recipes available and some of them are helpful but I still believe that a commercially available (approved) diet formulated and produced by experts could play an important role in feeding pets appropriately.

Currently, I am not convinced that cooked diets are inferior and should not be used. In fact, I see a lot of positives in good quality balanced cooked diets, and I am using them regularly.

As you veterinarian in Markham, I am following up news and new data as well as opinions in this field and Would be thrilled to share more with you.

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