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Kitten training – can it be done?

If you had to think of one baby animal that got up to the most mischief, then kittens would probably be near the top of your list! They are often very mischievous, and get up to a lot of trouble – and that can sometimes be dangerous when the kittens are very young and delicate. However, unlike many pets such as dogs, birds, and some rabbits, cats are never usually considered to be very trainable. On the other hand, many people believe that kittens are very easily trainable: as long as you start off properly, and with the right precautions.

You will want to litter train your kitten. This will be the easiest thing that you will train your kitten to do, as many cats manage to learn how to do this when they are older. Training your kitten to go to the toilet in one specific place is the first step to training your kitten.

The next thing that you will want to train your kitten to do is to avoid scratching important things that you want to keep safe. For example, you will not want your kitten to start scratching your favourite sofa! You will best be able to do this by purchasing or creating a special scratching post, and encouraging your kitten to only scratch there.

You will need to train your kitten to return to you when it is time for them to eat their food. One easy way for you to do this is to always feed your kitten – and any other pets that you may have – at the same time each and every day. This should give your kitten the habit of coming back to your home and the kitchen at the right time when you want to feed your kitten.


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