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Grooming and Boarding, at a clinic or not?!!!

Grooming is often a necessary service a big number of dogs and some cats require not only to keep their appearance pleasant but also it contributes to the overall health of the household pet. It helps with their general hygiene and cleaning, and makes living with them in household even more fun and appealing.

Also, sometimes pet owners need to leave their beloved pets at a short-term care facility (boarding) when they need to go on a trip when they cannot take their pets with them for a number of reasons.

Once in a while we get the question from our neighborhood why we do not provide these services at our hospital. This is an essential question whether pet grooming and / or boarding services should be provided by veterinary clinics / hospitals.

Convenience is definitely one of  the most important reasons why pet owners seek these services at their regular veterinary clinics including our’s. However, in my opinion and apart from some advantages, there are some important disadvantages of grooming and boarding pets at veterinary clinics.

The number one reason we do NOT offer pet grooming and / or boarding at our clinic is that we believe this practice increases the risk of spread of infectious and parasitic diseases that are potentially quite contagious among pet dogs and cats. Some serious viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems as well as skin diseases and parasites such as fleas are among these potentially harmful conditions.

We live in an era of specialized services that we enjoy in almost all aspects of our daily lives. Pet care is not an exception. There are high quality and well managed pet grooming and boarding facilities which provide great grooming and boarding services to pets. These facilities are not necessarily connected or included in a veterinary clinic setup and this may actually work to their advantage. Also, more often than not these facilities provide much larger areas for the pets to enjoy daily playing activities and they have access to veterinary care should any pet require a veterinarian.

Such high quality facilities should and usually are managed by an administration team with good knowledge on how to maintain their facilities free from contagious diseases and parasites.

We believe that pet owners can benefit from high quality grooming/boarding facilities separate from veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Dave S. Bonab

Unionville South Pet Hopsital

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