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Giving the very last best to our beloved pets – Home Euthanasia

It has become more and more evident that providing our terminally ill pets with a chance to be humanely euthanized at their own home environment is the best option when the time comes to let them leave us in peace. Having the procedure done at home significantly reduces the stress of the pet by avoiding yet another trip to the vet office and gives them the comfort and support of the own home environment when they need it the most. The procedure is performed quite smoothly and humanely.

Of course there are important criteria to be considered before justifying a euthanasia but once it is determined that humane euthanasia is the best choice then having it done at home provides great value.

Not only the pet will have minimum stress, if any, but also the family will have a better chance to gather and say good bye to their close friend of so many years, and find a proper closure. Also, in multi-pet families the other pets will have a chance to sniff around the body of their buddy after the procedure and find a closure. This will help them understand the loss of their friend and will reduce the post-euthanasia search for the missing friend and will help minimize associated depression.

In my professional judgment, humane euthanasia performed at the home of the pet is the very last best thing we can give them to make sure they leave us in peace.

Our pet hospital in Markham provides home euthanasia as a part of our services to our community.

Should you have any thoughts our questions please feel free to call or contact us through the contact form on our website.


Dr. Dave Bonab, and team

Unionville South Pet Hospital


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