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Dental Disease

It may seem like it is a repeated topic but quite frankly I can’t emphasize enough how important oral and dental health is in dogs and cats. The impact of having good oral/dental health on the overall health of our dogs and cats is immense! Just like in humans, any infection in the mouth, either on the gum tissue or in the teeth, will spread to the rest of the body and cause significant damage to other organs especially to the heart and the kidneys.

In the attached picture you are seeing a severely diseased mouth in a dog before and after the proper treatment performed by myself in our hospital. I don’t think I really need to explain how much better the  gums and the teeth look. The “after” picture was taken immediately after the treatment was completed one our patient was still recovering from anesthesia.

Please, call us – your veterinary hospital in Markham and Unionville – for a free consult about your pet’s oral and dental health! We are running a promotion for the months of February and March. You don’t want to miss this great deal!!!

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