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Constipation is defined as inability to effectively eliminate feces from the colon normally. It means that your pet has an impacted colon with fecal material and is unable to eliminate it.

The condition is more common than one may think, especially in older pets. It is more common in older cats than in older dogs, too. There are many reasons for constipation in pets. Among them are genetics, type of the food and nutrition, dehydration secondary to other problems such as kidney disease, thyroid disease, digestive tract disease, intestinal parasites etc.

If you see your cat or dog straining while trying to defecate, meaning trying but nothing much, if at all, comes out, you should worry about constipation.

Constipated pets may still eliminate very little but stay constipated. what it means to you is that even if you see some fecal material in your cat’s litter box, this does not necessarily rule out constipation.

In cats, the very first signs are behavioral changes leading into hiding and becoming less social plus vomiting, not eating well, if anything, and at times even vomiting after drinking water.

As your veterinarian in Markham, I urge you to contact us immediately should you have concerns about constipation in your pet. If left untreated, constipation may progress into much more complicated problems with a high cost to treat. So, please act quickly!


Dr. Dave Bonab and Staff

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