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Back to basics in dental and oral hygiene

I always speak to my clients about how important it is to “transition” their pets when they are switching their food. Of course, the first thing to recommend is not to change food frequently but if they need to switch the food to a new one to treat a condition then transitioning comes into play, big time!!

Basically, it means that you want your pet to get used to their new food slowly. Naturally, any new food has the potential to upset their stomach by changing the “flora” (healthy and useful bacteria population) of their intestines. This means loose stool or even diarrhea.

How you transition your pet? Simple; just mix the new food with the existing food in the ratio of 25% to 75% respectively for the first 3 days, then go 50% – 50% for another 3 days, then give 100% new food.

Happy Intestines!

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