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Leptospirosis (Lepto) Infection in Dogs

Leptospirosis (Lepto) is an infection of mainly the kidneys and sometimes the liver and the kidneys. It is caused by a spiral (corkscrew) shape bacteria.The symptoms depend on the severity of the case meaning the status of the immune system of the patient, vaccination history, and the number and type of the Lepto bacteria entering...
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Why Do Blood Test Before Surgeries and Dentistries?

We see cats and dogs for routine surgeries such as spay, neuter, lump removal, bladder stone removals, intestinal foreign body removals, biopsies, tooth extractions and others, routinely.In all of these procedures we need to place our patient under general anesthesia after full physical examination, and a wellness blood and sometimes a urine test.The reason we...
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Grooming and Boarding

Grooming is often a necessary service a big number of dogs and some cats require not only to keep their appearance pleasant but also it contributes to the overall health of the household pet. It helps with their general hygiene and cleaning, and makes living with them in household even more fun and appealing.Sometimes pet...
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Giving the very last best to our beloved pets – Home Euthanasia

It has become more and more evident that providing our terminally ill pets with a chance to be humanely euthanized at their own home environment is the best option when the time comes to let them leave us in peace. Having the procedure done at home significantly reduces the stress of the pet by avoiding...
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Heartworm and Ticks, and how they spread

You have heard about Heartworm and probably have seen ticks at some point in your life. I thought it would be helpful to give a little information about these two.Heartworm is actually a worm parasite the adult form of which lives in the heart and the arteries of the lung tissue of canines and to lesser degree...
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Dental Disease

It may seem like it is a repeated topic but quite frankly I can't emphasize enough how important oral and dental health is in dogs and cats. The impact of having good oral/dental health on the overall health of our dogs and cats is immense! Just like in humans, any infection in the mouth, either...
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Constipation is defined as inability to effectively eliminate feces from the colon normally. It means that your pet has an impacted colon with fecal material and is unable to eliminate it.The condition is more common than one may think, especially in older pets. It is more common in older cats than in older dogs, too....
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What to watch during holidays to protect your beloved dogs and cats

1 – No chocolate for dogs!!!!  Dark chocolate is even more toxic than milk chocolate2 - Christmas lilies extremely harmful and even potentially fatal to cats3 – Chewing gum ingestion that can quickly lower the blood sugar levels and cause lethargy, non responsiveness, and even coma4 – Given the cold weather, possible licking of vehicle...
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raw versus cooked diet

Whether or not raw food is a good choice and should be fed to pets has recently been a very hot topic attracting different opinions.

There is so much to think about and so many details involved in this topic. I personally understand both pros and cons of both types of diets. My intention...

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Fluids, Dehydration, and Fluid Therapy

About 6 – 8 % of the body weight of our cats and dogs is made up of water. This amount of water is either inside the cells the building blocks of tissues, in the space among the cells, or in the blood vessels moving around throughout the body.Having enough amounts of water in the...
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Tick Talk!

 It is known to almost all dog owners that ticks can attach to their dog, as they can attach to humans. It is also generally accepted as being a very unfavorable experience to have a tick attached to your dog or to yourself.What is much less known though is the fact that there are serious...
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Acute Vomiting and Pancreatitis in The Dog

Acute vomiting in dogs may have so many different reasons but among all these variable reasons pancreatitis is one of the very common ones. I, as your veterinarian in Markham, witness this quite frequently.Pancreatitis is the disease of the pancreas gland which is located adjacent to the stomach where it connects with intestines. It is...
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Urinary Tract Stones (Calculi / Uroliths)

Bladder stones are the accumulation of minerals to form hard objects in the bladder. They may be in different shapes and sizes either floating in the bladder or attached to its wall(s). They usually form in result of oversaturation of the urine with minerals which in turn causes the precipitation of these minerals in the...
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Kitten training – can it be done?

If you had to think of one baby animal that got up to the most mischief, then kittens would probably be near the top of your list! They are often very mischievous, and get up to a lot of trouble – and that can sometimes be dangerous when the kittens are very young and delicate....
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