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Massage Therapy for Pets


Our pet clinic provides the opportunity for rehabilitative and therapeutic massage styles for your pets. Our registered massage therapist brings a wealth of veterinary experience in the recovery and rehabilitation process of post-surgery patients, optimizing show dogs’ mental and physical performances and enhancing the general wellbeing of all small animals by influencing positive changes in our patients.

Massage can aid in maintaining an animal’s level of health and fitness by decreasing muscular tension and assisting in rehabilitation from an injury or illness. It can also enhance show dogs’ performance potential and contributes to reducing mental anxiety.

We are happy to offer massage therapy at Unionville South Pet Hospital, but it should be noted that massage therapy is a complement to, but not a replacement for regular veterinary care and does not include medical diagnosis, prognosis, prescribing of medications or any treatment of diseases including; deformity, defects, wounds or injuries of animals.

Pets of all kinds can benefit from a regular massage routine. Call us today to learn more and schedule an appointment: (905) 604-5604

Our animal hospital welcomes pets from Ontario, Canada including Unionville, Markham, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Scarborough and neighboring communities.

While Growing

For puppies and kittens, massages can alleviate the discomfort often caused by rapid bone and muscle growth, reduce the risk of injury and help calm the active adolescent.


While Aging

Massages can reduce the pain and tension resulting from arthritis and other bone/joint conditions common in aging pets. It is also beneficial for pets with decreased activity levels by keeping their muscles toned and by slowing the deterioration of joints.


When Stressed

A massage can reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by animals adjusting to their new homes. It can also guide shy or mistrustful cats or dogs to accept human touch and build their comfort levels.



Guide dogs, service dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug, explosive and arson detection dogs, sled dogs, herding dogs and all other working dogs who provide invaluable assistance to their owners can certainly benefit from a regular veterinary massage.