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Our pet hospital knows that surgery can be stressful, which is why we offer some of the most comprehensive and compassionate care around. Surgery is actually a science-based art! Our surgeons are responsible for the delicate handling of the tissues, excellent outcome of the surgery and the well-being of the patient before, during and after surgery. Since every patient is different, making each surgery a unique “performance” for the surgeon, balancing all factors becomes literally a science-based art.

At Unionville South Pet Hospital in Markham, Ontario, our extensive experience in surgery allows us to offer a wide range of surgeries, from soft tissue to bone tissue surgery. We proudly offer delicate and accelerated techniques in pet spay and neuter procedures to minimize our patients’ duration of exposure to anesthesia and anesthetic substances.

We use self-dissolving suture material for deep tissue up to the skin closures. This eliminates the need for suture removal visits. We also pay extra attention to the aesthetics of the surgical incision closures, and use techniques, that are routinely used by human plastic surgeons, to minimize scar tissue formation in the skin while a secure closure is still maintained. We’re proud to provide outstanding surgical care to the residents of Markham, Ontario and beyond!

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