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Referral Services

At times seeking a board-certified specialist’s opinion may become a great option or a necessity. Fortunately, our animal hospital maintains access to great referral facilities. Once we have the consent from our client, we will gladly communicate with the specialists and make sure they have a clear idea about the ongoing concern. Then, we will obtain the appointment with the specialist for our patient and will assist our client throughout the referral procedure to make sure the required consultation has been obtained.

The communication between our hospital and the referral center continues until the desired results are achieved. All the correspondences throughout the process will be kept strictly confidential to protect the privacy of our clients.


  1. Hi, would you know of a credible referral for us to go to for our dog who is appearing to have joint issues? Our dog is suffering and we need a second opinion for the health of our dog.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Christina, we would be glad to help you have a diagnosis and treatment plan for your dog. Simply call us for an appointment!
      905 604 5 604

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