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Internal Medicine

This area of veterinary medicine is certainly one of the most diverse, interesting, and challenging areas of medical sciences for our dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Dave S. Bonab. One can imagine with the large number of species, and different breeds of every species, and the different tissues and organs comprising the bodies of these animals, it is one of the most demanding fields of medicine when it comes to accurately defining the abnormalities encountered in this field. In the same manner, it requires veterinarians to apply deep understanding of this vast area of science to diagnose and treat diseases and illnesses effectively.  We, at Unionville South Pet Hospital, strive for effectively communicating with our clients, in the simplest language, the very details of our diagnostic and therapeutic procedures so our clients feel completely comfortable with the thought process we have for every single case.

With our veterinary services in Markham, Unionville, Stouffville, Thornhill, and Scarborough, we aim to keep our clients well informed, and completely satisfied with the plans of diagnostics and treatments we determine for their beloved pets.

We make sure that YOU as our clients feel all your questions are answered before we start the procedures, and that the cost involved with every single procedure is well defined and agreed upon in advance. Our ultimate goal is to bring the peace of mind to YOU, our client, that very single Dollar you spend on the health and well being of your pet(s) is in line with the plans we share with you.

There is a large umber of common diseases seen in our pet population. Below, you will find only a brief a list of most commonly encountered ones.

– Vomiting, diarrhea / Loss or reduction of appetite / Constipation / Digestive enzymes insufficiency / Intestinal parasites

– Ear, eye infection / Skin rashes, hot spots, and skin infections / Hair loss / Itchiness and allergies / Dry skin, greasy skin and dandruff /  Skin parasites / Immune system disease

– Oral and dental diseases including tartar buildup, loose or chipped teeth, painful teeth, tooth root abscess / oral tumors

– Heart disease, respiratory diseases including bacterial and viral infections / Asthma / Bronchtis

– Chronic and acute kidney disease ad insufficiency, urinary tract diseases and infections / Liver disease and insufficiency, Biliary tract diseases

– Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes, Addisonian Disease

– Orthopedic diseases including Arthritis, Cruciate ligament and tendon injuries, Hip dysplasia, Fractures, Dislocations / Disc disease, Nerve damage, spinal cord damages, Epilepsy,

– Emergencies such as Blocked Male Cats,  Hit By Cars, Toxications and Poisoning, Wounds, Severe acute allergic reactions


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