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At–Home Humane Euthanasia

At difficult times, when you have to say goodbye to your most beloved friends, having the procedure done at your home to make sure they leave in peace within their familiar environment is extremely important. We offer you both options of the procedure to be done at your home or in our veterinary hospital.


  1. I would like to know how much it cost to euthanase my cat when i may need it. My cat is going to be nineteen years old. She is still healthy, but when she does get to sick i would like to look into my options.

    • Hello Carolyn,
      Thanks for your inquiry, and your interest in our services.
      The cost of that type of service depends on the following. Please let me know and I will be able to give you an accurate estimate.
      1 – Your location
      2 – The weight of your cat
      3 – If you would like to have the body cremated privately and receive the ashes back, or simply proceed with communal cremation with no ashes returned to you
      The Team at Unionville South Pet Hospital

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