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Why Do Blood Test Before Surgeries and Dentistries?

We see cats and dogs for routine surgeries such as spay, neuter, lump removal, bladder stone removals, intestinal foreign body removals, biopsies, tooth extractions and others, routinely.

In all of these procedures we need to place our patient under general anesthesia after full physical examination, and a wellness blood and sometimes a urine test.

The reason we do a blood test prior to our anesthesia / surgery is that we want to make sure our patient has healthy liver, kidneys, and blood protein /sugar as well as electrolytes and platelet levels.

When a patient is under anesthesia for any kind of procedure their liver and kidneys are the two main organs to collect from the blood the anesthesia medication that we administer to the body and eliminate them into the urine and / or feces.

We also, want to make sure they have enough red blood cells for effective transport of oxygen, and normal levels of blood protein to carry the medication through the body.

Normal level of platelets also indicates that our patient has adequate ability for clotting which is essential for recovery from any surgery.

Given all above, it is extremely important to have the pre-anesthetic blood screening done prior to any surgery or dentistry. The small investment into this important aspect of the procedure will give us, as your veterinarian in Markham, and you peace of mind and will help to minimize the risks.

Please call us should you have any questions about the subject or need any more clarification about it and we will be thrilled to share more details with you!

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Dr. Dave Bonab

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