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Caring for your cat in hot weather

One of the biggest dangers for cats during hot weather is that they can over heat. Unlike us, cats cannot take off their fur coats when it gets a little too hot! Cats can really suffer when they get too hot, and like their big cat cousins, lions and tigers, they can often struggle to help themselves cool down. If you have a cat that could be trying keep themselves cool – and failing miserably – there are things that you can do to help them keep their internal temperature down and keep them happy.

Always make sure that there is enough water available for your cat to drink. Dehydration is one of the biggest killers of all animals, including humans, and it can be very deadly for a creature that cannot tell you that they are thirsty. As long as you have a shallow bowl of water easily accessible for your cat, they will be able to keep themselves hydrated.

Provide some shade around for your cat. During the heat of the day, temperatures can reach very difficult levels for cats to deal with. Shade is vital for your cat – as well as other animals – to be able to lie in, and be able to reduce their temperature.

Here is a fun suggestion for you to consider, create a ‘cat spray’, use cold water inside a spray bottle, this means that whenever your cat comes to you and looks uncomfortable, you can spray them with a fine mist. This will cool your cat down immediately, and although they may profess to hate it, they will be secretly very grateful!

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