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About Us


At Unionville South Pet Hospital (USPH), we’re proud to bring outstanding veterinary care to the residents of Unionville, Markham, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Scarborough and beyond! We promote an integrated solution to pet care within our veterinary hospital and promote general wellness by inviting our community members to become a part of our team; building a large family together. Our veterinary clinic values community and brings this outlook to each and every visit to our pet hospital. We bring to this big family our knowledge and expertise in veterinary medicine, our dedication to excellence in pet well-being and the total satisfaction of our pet owners. We are also committed to the continuous education of our team members including our primary veterinarian and staff as well as the members of our community.

Early detection and prevention of illnesses in our neighborhood pet population by timely kitten and puppy vaccination, adult cat / dog vaccination, alongside regular health check-ups, are major components of our integrated solutions. We know for a fact that this approach provides significantly healthier pets and is much less expensive. At Unionville South Pet Hospital, we’re proud to provide reliable care at affordable rates. Our animal hospital knows that finding the right veterinarian is hard; so we make it easy for you and your beloved pet to receive personal, attentive care. Dr. Dave S. Bonab is truly a veterinarian who cares!

Another part of our integrated solution system offers wellness plans tailored for different canine and feline age groups. This way we can provide peace of mind to our clients through annual budgeting ability, and reduction of costs in general.

Our animal hospital also offers house calls to see our patients within their home environment should it be the preference of the owners, or when moving them to our animal hospital may not be the option.

We are always searching for new knowledge and technology, including alternative medicine and the least invasive techniques e.g. delicate and accelerated spay and neuter techniques in which the exposure to anesthetics could be minimized. We also offer a full array of diagnostic tests, small animal surgery and dentistry services.

Our veterinarian and his staff look forward to meeting you at our newly built veterinary clinic in Markham, Ontario! Please, call us today at 905 604 5 604 for a friendly talk over the phone and give us the opportunity to get to know you, your pet and your family.

We know you have many choices, and we sincerely appreciate and value your trust in us. For the residents of Markham, Ontario and beyond, we are proud to provide outstanding veterinary care.


Our Doctor

Dr. Dave S. Bonab

Hi everybody, pleased to meet you all! I am delighted to see my years of love and passion in the field of Veterinary Medicine finally brought me to establishing Unionville South Pet Hospital. Being a veterinarian in Markham is a genuine thrill! I had fallen in love with Markham and Unionville long ago and it feels so good to be here and help our neighborhood with our services, while being a resident of Unionville as well! From my very early childhood I have always been with animals, from having bunnies, fish, cats, dogs, to horses. I started developing a deep passion and genuine respect for animals when I got involved in riding. Then I further developed a deeper understanding of animals from a totally different window during the years of my studies. This was the point where I saw myself as a future veterinarian. After my graduation from veterinarian school, I gathered valuable medical and people relations experience that helped me deeply understand the expectations of my clients when they need help for their pets. In the meantime, while being a veterinarian, my natural attraction to science and medicine/surgery got me involved in a large-scale research project on a very specific artificial human knee implant. This study was done by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing of the University of Dundee, Scotland. It was an incredible learning and work experience for me and helped me expand my academic network and strengthen my scientific approach to my veterinary patients. I had the privilege of learning at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in Guelph, as well, while working with so many incredible professionals and academics in different departments at OVC through VSTEP. I am a proud member of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario as well as the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. My special areas of interest are veterinary dermatology, neurology, surgery, and dentistry. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet our clients in person, and become a part of the community as one of your great veterinarians in Markham, Ontario and Unionville, Ontario. I will do my absolute best to see the veterinary community in our neighborhood thrive with the excellent care that I am sure we will bring to our large family in Markham!


Our Team

Here is our Veterinary Hospital team; friendly, caring, passionate, and professional! Geared and ready to make absolutely sure you and your pet(s) are taken care of.
If you prefer Mandarin or Cantonese our staff members will be happy to assist you!
From left to right: Kirby, Amanda, Samantha, Dr. Dave, Sheila, Jennifer, and Victoria
We took this picture in our treatment area, after we finished one of our regular team meetings.
We can’t wait to meet with you and your pets! Give us a call today!